How to Create Like the Greats: Harnessing the Power of AI

How to Create Like the Greats: Harnessing the Power of AI

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    Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionising the way businesses operate, especially in the realm of marketing. Embracing AI can propel you to new heights of efficiency and effectiveness, much like the advent of social media and SEO did in their respective times. Ignoring AI today could lead to regret, much like those who ignored these previous innovations. This blog aims to provide a comprehensive guide on how AI can be integrated into marketing strategies to create a significant impact. I urge you to read the full blog to understand the immense potential AI holds.

    Embracing AI in Marketing

    Ignoring AI today is akin to ignoring social media in 2015 or SEO in 2009. Marketers who fail to adopt AI will likely regret it. AI is fundamentally altering business and marketing landscapes. Over recent months, research has demonstrated AI’s net positive impact on various aspects of business operations. The White House even highlighted AI’s contributions to productivity and efficiency in a 2022 report.

    AI isn’t just a trend; it’s a transformative force. Much like robotics reshaped blue-collar jobs, AI is now impacting white-collar professions. This shift is irreversible and demands our attention.

    Productivity Gains and Economic Opportunities

    AI offers substantial productivity gains. Studies consistently show that AI enhances efficiency and effectiveness in the workplace. This technology is here to stay, and it’s changing how we work. Many teams mistakenly believe AI isn’t suitable for them, but the truth is, AI can adapt to most brands and company cultures.

    Personal Experience with AI

    In this segment, I’ll share my personal experiments with AI and how it has revolutionized my workflow. As a marketer, I’ve leveraged AI to become more efficient, faster, and more effective. AI is not just the future; for many, it’s the present.

    AI in the Research Process

    Research is often seen as a daunting task. However, I love it. Traditionally, research involves sifting through hundreds of pages of data to find valuable insights. AI can streamline this process. Tools like ChatGPT can quickly analyze documents, summarize key points, and provide insights within seconds.

    For example, I uploaded a movie script to ChatGPT and asked for key insights. Within seconds, I had a detailed summary. This capability can be a game-changer for marketers, allowing them to analyze reports quickly and efficiently.

    The Caution with AI

    While AI offers numerous benefits, it’s important to be cautious. When uploading sensitive information to tools like ChatGPT, be aware of the potential risks. Ensure that the data you share is information you’re comfortable with AI learning from. At our company, we avoid uploading client information to ChatGPT to protect their privacy.

    Practical Applications of AI

    AI isn’t limited to text analysis. It can also process PDFs, Google Docs, and other documents. By using plugins like Access PDF in Docs or Access Link, you can upload documents to Google Drive and share them with ChatGPT for analysis.

    For instance, I uploaded an investor presentation from Salesforce to ChatGPT and asked for a summary. The AI provided insights into Salesforce’s total addressable market, growth drivers, and more within seconds. This saved me time and provided valuable information.

    AI for SEO and Content Creation

    As a marketer, one of my key performance indicators is driving traffic. AI can assist with this by analyzing complex data sets related to keyword research, search intent, and cost per click. You can ask AI to generate content ideas based on this data, streamlining the content creation process.

    Leveraging AI Tools

    Tools like ChatGPT, Copy AI, and Jasper can take content creation to the next level. By providing AI with topic ideas and keywords, you can generate detailed content briefs and even full blog posts. These tools can significantly enhance productivity and content quality.

    The Power of Visual AI Tools

    AI isn’t limited to text; it can also create images. Tools like MidJourney allow you to generate visuals based on text prompts. This can save marketers time and money spent on stock photos and designers. For example, I used MidJourney to create a visual representation of different pricing options for a blog post. The AI-generated images enhanced the post’s engagement and reach.

    Caution with AI-Generated Content

    While AI-generated content is powerful, it’s not without its challenges. Ensuring consistency and quality across AI-generated visuals can be difficult. For instance, when I tried to use MidJourney for our website illustrations, the results were inconsistent and unusable. AI tools still have room for improvement in some areas.

    AI in Flowchart and Graphic Creation

    AI can also assist with creating flowcharts and graphics. Tools like Whimsical, integrated with ChatGPT, can generate visual summaries of blog posts or reports. This capability can enhance the visual appeal and comprehensibility of your content.

    The Economic Impact of AI

    The economic potential of AI is immense. According to McKinsey, generative AI could create additional value potential in the range of $25 trillion. This isn’t just a billion-dollar opportunity; it’s a trillion-dollar one. Embracing AI now can position you to capitalize on these opportunities.

    Real-World Applications of AI

    AI is already being used in various industries to create workflows and solutions that were previously impossible. For instance, some clients have used AI for pre-screening cancer, demonstrating its potential in healthcare. Despite this, many in the marketing industry still view AI as a fad. This perspective overlooks the significant impact AI can have on our work.


    AI is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Its potential to transform business and marketing is unparalleled. By embracing AI, you can create like the greats and stay ahead of the curve. Use AI responsibly to enhance your work, and you’ll find it to be an invaluable tool. Remember, AI isn’t just a tool; it’s a catalyst for innovation and growth.

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