Can Robots Write Emails That Convert? We AB Tested AI vs. Traditional Methods 

Can Robots Write Emails That Convert? We AB Tested AI vs. Traditional Methods 

AI in email marketing

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    The world of marketing emails is about to get a major upgrade, and it’s all thanks to generative AI. This exciting technology holds immense potential for both marketers and tech enthusiasts.

    Think about it: can you create an entire marketing email using generative AI? 

    The answer is a resounding yes! 

    And here’s the best part: this innovation has the power to revolutionize the way we navigate the ever-complex marketing landscape.

    We have conducted in-depth research on this very topic, and we’re eager to share our journey with you. We won’t just unveil the final product, but also take you through the entire process step-by-step.

    Our goal is to spark your curiosity, inspire you to implement this technology for yourself, and perhaps even pave the way for its use in other industries. So, stay tuned and join us on this exciting exploration of generative AI in marketing emails. 

    Conquering the Webinar Email Challenge: A Step-by-Step Guide

    This section dives into the challenges and solutions involved in crafting the perfect email sequence to promote your webinar. We’ll break down the process into manageable steps, making it easier than ever to get your ideal audience registered.

    Here are the key questions we’ll address:

    • Why is this a challenge? We’ll explore why creating high-performing email sequences for webinars remains an obstacle.
    • What’s the solution? We’ll unveil a step-by-step plan with key elements to craft compelling email copy.
    • What else needs to be considered? We’ll discuss related tasks that contribute to a successful email campaign.
    • Where to begin? We’ll provide a clear starting point to kick off your email sequence creation.
    • Who should handle this? We’ll identify the ideal team members to tackle this task – developers, marketers, or product specialists.

    By following this guide, you can craft email sequences that are not only effective but also easy to adapt to your specific needs.

    Why do Marketers Hesitate to Trust AI with Coded Emails?

    Marketers are increasingly comfortable using AI, or Generative AI (GenAI), for tasks like writing text, creating images, and even coding simple things.  They’ve seen success with GenAI in crafting email content, but there’s a sticking point: emails with code.

    The hesitation stems from two main challenges: a lack of standardization and limitations in how HTML can be used within emails.  This forces marketers to cobble together solutions using methods not originally intended for email design.

    For instance, imagine trying to create interactive elements like checkboxes or radio buttons using styled forms.  This is a complex process, and even after all that effort, there’s no guarantee it won’t break when displayed in different email clients.  The constant need for testing adds significant cost to the process.

    Another concern is brand identity.  Marketers take pride in crafting emails that reflect their brand’s unique voice and visual style.  This level of control and customization isn’t quite there yet with GenAI for coded emails.  As a result, many marketers are choosing to wait – waiting for email clients to improve their ability to handle complex code, or waiting for GenAI to make a significant leap in its ability to generate code that meets their specific needs.

    What’s the Solution: Automating Email Creation with GenAI

    There’s a way to free up marketers’ time and still create high-quality email sequences. Here’s how GenAI can automate the process while keeping control over the brand identity.

    What can GenAI automate?

    Imagine an email as a puzzle made of pre-designed building blocks, like product cards or social media buttons. GenAI can take existing email templates (including colors, fonts, and layout) and these content modules. It then figures out the best way to arrange the modules within the template and personalizes them with relevant information.

    The End Goal: Ready-to-Use Emails

    The final product is a complete email sequence you can easily review and adjust before sending. This lets you maintain control over the final message while saving significant time on creation.

    Steps to Email Automation

    Step 1. Data Gathering and Organization (Assets):

    This involves collecting all the elements you might want to include in your emails, like product descriptions and social media links. GenAI needs this information to choose the right modules for your campaigns.

    Step 2. Strategy Development (Workflow):

    Here, you’ll define the overall goals and flow of your email sequence. This might involve outlining the specific call to action (CTA) you want each email to achieve.

    Step 3. Creating an Email Brief:

    Based on your strategy, you’ll create a short document outlining the content and purpose of each email in the sequence.

    Step 4. Mapping Modules to the Brief:

    GenAI will then match the pre-designed content modules (like product cards) to the specific elements you outlined in your email brief.

    Step 5. Personalizing Modules with Data:

    GenAI will use your existing data (product details, social media links) to personalize the chosen content modules.

    Step 6. Generating and Deploying Emails:

    Finally, GenAI will assemble the emails using the chosen modules, personalized data, and your pre-designed template. You can then review and send the emails or make any adjustments before sending.

    Beyond Email Creation: A Range of Automated Tasks Await

    This AI tool goes beyond just creating emails. It automates a whole suite of tasks that typically take up valuable marketer time. Here’s what it can do for you:

    • Effortless Email Design: Simply provide an image of any existing email, and the AI can generate a new one that perfectly matches your company’s design style.
    • Seamless HTML Integration: Got an HTML code for your email? No problem! The AI can transform it into a fully editable block editor format, making adjustments a breeze.
    • Complementary Creatives: Need visuals for other sales channels alongside your email campaign? The AI can generate those too!
    • Template Library Builder: Save time by creating a library of pre-designed, ready-to-use email templates for future use.
    • Streamlined Automation: Rapidly implement complete marketing automation solutions using platforms like Yespo.
    • Campaign Efficiency: Automate not just email triggers, but entire multi-channel campaigns.
    • Effortless Updates: Mass-implement changes across all your triggers and promotional campaigns with just a few clicks.
    • Data-Driven Improvement: The AI can automatically test and refine your existing campaigns for optimal performance.

    This translates to one thing: less time spent on repetitive tasks and more time focusing on strategic marketing initiatives that truly drive results.

    Choosing the Perfect Starting Point

    When tackling a big problem, it’s helpful to start with a smaller, specific example. Let’s imagine emails fall on a scale of complexity. On the simple side, you have service emails like password resets or delivery updates – with minimal creativity and lots of links. On the other end, you have creative, data-heavy emails like monthly promotions.

    For our initial test (called a Proof of Concept), we need something in the middle. It should involve some creativity, but also be predictable and created frequently.

    And talking about these webinar support emails, these emails seem like a perfect fit because:

    • They are sent often, about once a week.
    • There are multiple emails for each event (invitation, reminder, and post-event support).
    • A lot of repetitive work goes into them, which can lead to mistakes.
    • The same information (date, speaker details, urgency) needs to be rewritten constantly – this is where a tool like GenAI can be very helpful.

    While we’ll focus on webinar emails for now, keep in mind that this approach can be applied to many other types of emails too!

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