How does Finaccurate bank leads at 5X lesser costs?

Story of Finaccurate

Finaccurate, an accounting and bookkeeping service provider for small and medium-sized businesses, faced challenges in lead generation and cost per acquisition. This case study examines how they overcame these hurdles, doubling their lead count and reducing acquisition costs to 5x.

Key Objectives:

Boost lead count by 100%:

Increase the number of potential clients and generate more sales.

Reduce cost per acquisition by 10X:

Lower the expenses of acquiring new clients.

Improve SEO and drive organic traffic:

Improve organic traffic, and search engine rankings.

Enhance social media visibility & secure leads:

Increased digital presence, engagement, and lead generation .

Some of the Challenges Faced by Finaccurate:

How Our Digital Marketing Agency Helped Finaccurate Achieve Growth and Success

As Finaccurate was facing huge challenges in high cost of acquisition and low lead count

They partnered with our digital marketing agency to address these challenges:


01. Low Lead Count:

Solution: To convert prospects into clients, our team executed a lead nurturing strategy.

We created targeted email campaigns and landing pages that provided valuable information.

This helped in converting leads into loyal customers.

02. High Cost Per Acquisition:

Solution: We implemented advertising campaigns on social media channels, such as Instagram.

It then proved to be a huge success yielding high-quality leads at a reduced cost per acquisition.

We achieve rapid results by leveraging data analytics and refining our approach.

We were able to achieve a 100% increase in lead count and a 10x reduction in cost per acquisition.

03. Competitive Landscape:

Solution: By engaging with followers and sharing valuable content, we drive organic traffic to the website

It then helps us to secure leads from social media channels.

This also, increases organic traffic and a stronger online presence, to better compete with other players.

04. Social Media Visibility:

Solution: We worked to build a consistent brand voice and content strategy.

We also worked on improving our social media presence, especially on Instagram. Our team created engaging and informative posts which focus it target audience.

It then leads to increased brand visibility and building a strong online presence.

05. Search Engine Rankings:

Solution: We conducted a comprehensive SEO audit, and identified key areas for improvement.

Then we implemented changes to optimize the website's content and structure.

Our SEO strategy enabled it to rank higher on SERPs and drive more organic traffic to its website.

As a result, the bounce rate decreased by more than 50%, and the average session duration increased by 30%.

Finaccurate overcomes all the challenges and achieves significant growth and success with us.

Anahad Media’s expert digital marketing strategy transformed Finaccurate’s lead generation and cut their cost per acquisition by 10x. With a 100% increase in leads, their success story is proof that the right approach can skyrocket your business. Let us help you achieve the same level of success with our proven SEO and social media tactics. Contact us today to get started!

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