AI Marketing in 2024: How to Market Ethically and Comply with Rules

AI Marketing in 2024: How to Market Ethically and Comply with Rules

Artificial intelligence (AI) is generating a lot of buzz in the marketing world, and for good reason! This exciting technology has seen huge progress, especially generative AI which can create fresh content for marketers.  However, with any new tool comes questions about its impact. Marketers might be concerned about using AI responsibly and following the […]

How does PPC Advertising work? Does your business need it? 

PPC Advertising

PPC Advertising works simply, just like any other paid marketing. The only thing that makes it unique is the fact that it is cost-effective because you are charged only when somebody clicks on your ad. Is PPC Advertising effective? Yes, PPC Advertising is effective, and it will stay relevant in 2024 onwards as well.  Most […]

PPC Marketing: Definition, Basics, and Why You Need it?

PPC advertising

In marketing, PPC is the most lucrative advertisement format due to the quick results it can bring if all things are done right. What are PPC Marketing Tools and Ads? PPC is paid advertising on internet platforms such as search engines like Google and Bing and social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. The […]

Branding Strategy: 3 Sucess Stories To Elevate Your Brand in 2024

Branding Limit

Warren Buffett, the wise investor, knew the importance of your branding: “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.” Reputation-building is challenging but crucial. A strong branding strategy can help you build a community, disrupt your industry, or make a global impact. However, branding isn’t a magic fix. Many […]

AIDA Framework: Boost Your Content Quality in 2024

AIDA framework

AIDA Framework – a powerful copywriting formula to boost your client acquisition in just 20 minutes a day. This method is a go-to for creating compelling content that works. AIDA Framework stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. It’s a proven way to write persuasive copy that captures your audience’s attention, piques their interest, stirs […]

Email Tagging 101: Is it still effective in 2024?

Email Tagging 101

Email tagging is all about making your emails personal and specific. It’s like customizing a gift for each friend – you give them exactly what they like. This makes your email marketing strategy a lot more powerful and engaging. Email tagging is also like giving each contact a virtual label. This label helps personalize your […]

Boosting Sales: A 4-Step Plan for Emotional Conversations

Boosting Sales Conversions

In B2B sales, you’ll often hear the phrase “People buy with their emotions and then use logic to justify it.” This saying holds true because emotions play a crucial role in modern sales. Daniel Ariely’s book, “Predictably Irrational,” delves into the influence of human emotions on decision-making, sometimes leading to irrational choices. For instance, emotions […]

Customer Experience Journey: From 2015 to 2023

In the past, customers and businesses had limited interactions. A customer might learn about a business from a friend, visit a physical store, buy something, and go on with their life. Today, in the digital era, customers receive a constant stream of information and must decide which businesses to support both online and offline. They […]

AI Content Creation: Best Strategy and Precaution in 2024

As a writer, I dislike writing but enjoy the outcome. Running a marketing firm where I mostly write intensifies this problem. If you feel the same, you’ll see the appeal of AI Content Creation Tools like ChatGPT for marketers, be it in-house or at an agency. These tools can simplify tough writing, allowing writers to […]

LinkedIn rolls out new tools for 2024

LinkedIn has introduced new tools to help creators and businesses connect better. These tools make it simpler to share visuals on the platform, emphasizing LinkedIn’s commitment to content creation and creator engagement. Here’s what’s in store for you: LinkedIn Pages allow organizations to showcase their values, culture, and offerings. They offer advanced tools for publishing […]

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