How do you find the right PPC Advertising agency?

How do you find the right PPC Advertising agency?

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    A business that is not growing is dying.  And many businesses are experiencing a slow death nowadays. You can blame competition for this, but often time it happens because your marketing sucks.

    See, in my understanding, every business wants to accomplish two major goals with marketing:

    • Sales
    • Branding

    And for your knowledge, you need sales first, branding later. Branding is a long-term goal, and you need sales today to pay bills, give salaries, and pay for your kids’ tuition. 

    Marketing practices like posting on social media, making a YouTube video, or posting a blog are necessary, but they won’t get you immediate sales. You need PPC advertising to get sales today, and in this blog, I will show you how to find the right PPC agency for your business today.

    Why Do You Need a PPC Advertising Agency?

    Why do I need to invest in PPC ads when I can just post about my business on the internet for literally free?

    Well! If you make your marketing decisions based on this mindset, you are drowning your resources at the speed of light. Here is how-

    See here two case scenarios for people who invested in social media marketing for their business without considering any paid advertising.

    Let’s assume your hourly rate is $100.You spend approximately two hours every week on your social media marketing.The sum is $800 per month and $9600 a year.Now, the juicy part is that if you are good at marketing, you can get ROI from this, but your ROI timeline is still unknown and unpredictable.You hired a social media agency for $800 a month. Then they said you need branding, and you end up paying at least $2000 for that, too. Then, they request content from you. Let’s assume your hourly rate is $100.You spend approximately two hours every week on your social media marketing. The sum is $800 per month and $9600 a year. Plus, $ 9,600 for the SM agency equals $19,200.And again, ROI is not guaranteed.

    On the other hand, if you hire a great PPC advertising agency, here’s what will happen:

    • You will pay them monthly retainer fees anywhere around $ 1500 to $2000.
    • You will spend at least $1500 a month on ad spend.
    • You will start getting leads or sales within the first seven days, depending on the nature of your business.

    So, the most significant benefit of investing in PPC advertising is that ROI is predictive, measurable, and super quick.

    Plus, hiring a PPC agency can bring numerous benefits to your business, including

    • Predictable income through consistent sales of qualified leads.
    • A team of experts that focus only on driving sales for your business.
    • Peace of mind, as you never have to worry about how you will get your next client.

    What should you consider while choosing a PPC Advertising Agency?

    1. Partnering with someone who has experience in working with your industry should be your priority, but it doesn’t mean it is necessary. Many agencies have diverse experience or work in similar industries. You can consider them too.
    2. Don’t go for super cheap deals on monthly retainers. Agencies that have experience will not come cheap. So, to keep your budget in check, you can go with agencies that charge a percentage of ad spending. Often, cheap deals come from inexperienced freelancers and poor service agencies.
    3. When you are hiring any kind of marketing agency, you need to make sure they have a clear communication policy. Plus, if they offer a definitive number of reporting calls every month, that will be a cherry on the top for you.
    4. Also, check if they can implement new strategies quickly. The marketing landscape is ever-evolving, and people who get stuck with any particular way of working can’t support your business growth.

    Step-by-step process to Find the Right PPC Agency

    1. Determine whether you are looking for leads or sales.
    2. Search on Google, LinkedIn, or any other search engine if you are looking for local agencies. If you are okay working with someone remotely, you can also look up on YouTube and Instagram.
    3. See their online review and case studies on their website. Any agency without reviews or case studies is a red flag.
    4. Shortlist agencies and schedule a discovery call with them. Ask for quotes, and you can also ask for references. When it comes to references, if you find them hostile, this may indicate that they don’t have a very good relationship with their clientele.

    What do you ask your PPC marketer to see if they are the right fit for you or not?

    1. Ask for their experience in your industry and similar industries. It’s not necessary that you need someone with experience in the same industry as you. It is perfectly fine to work with professionals of diverse experience if they have the necessary skills.
    2. Ask questions about general marketing basics. Sometimes people don’t have experience; they have just been in that job for a longer period.
    3. Get information about who will be handling your account.
    4. Inquire about the KPIs that will define project success.
    5. What is their process for creating and optimizing ad campaigns?
    6. Learn about their damage control methods, just in case things don’t work.
    PPC Advertising Agency

    Choosing ANAHAD MEDIA as Your PPC Partner

    ANAHAD MEDIA is a leading PPC advertising agency specializing in helping service-based companies achieve their marketing goals. Our team of experts has years of experience in developing and executing effective PPC campaigns that generate high-quality leads and drive conversions.

    We offer a comprehensive range of PPC services, including:

    • Keyword research and targeting
    • Ad copywriting and optimization
    • Campaign setup and management
    • Performance tracking and analysis
    • Reporting and recommendations

    Why Choose ANAHAD MEDIA?

    1. Customized Strategies: We tailor our PPC campaigns to suit your unique needs and target audience, ensuring a personalized and effective approach.

    2. Data-Driven Insights: Our data-driven approach enables us to optimize campaigns, enhance performance, and maximize ROI continuously.

    3. Transparent Reporting: We provide regular, comprehensive reports to keep you informed about campaign performance and progress.

    4. Dedicated Support: Our dedicated account managers are always available to address your concerns, answer questions, and offer guidance throughout the campaign.

    5. Flexibility and Adaptability: We understand the dynamic nature of digital advertising and are always ready to pivot strategies based on market changes and emerging opportunities.

    If you’re seeking a PPC advertising agency that delivers results, contact ANAHAD MEDIA today. Let’s partner to elevate your online presence and accelerate your business growth.

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