LinkedIn rolls out new tools for 2024

LinkedIn rolls out new tools for 2024

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    LinkedIn has introduced new tools to help creators and businesses connect better. These tools make it simpler to share visuals on the platform, emphasizing LinkedIn’s commitment to content creation and creator engagement. Here’s what’s in store for you:

    • Scheduled Posts for Timing
    • Interactive Conversations with Audio Events
    • Streamlined Talent Recruitment
    • Enhanced LinkedIn Pages Features

    LinkedIn Pages allow organizations to showcase their values, culture, and offerings. They offer advanced tools for publishing and building a community. But this is just the start.

    Discover the array of features that LinkedIn is unveiling. Elevate your business or organization by utilizing these tools to their fullest potential. Keep reading to explore how to leverage these enhancements for your LinkedIn Page and take your online presence to new heights.

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    Reaching your audience effectively is easier than ever with the latest tools

    As a marketer, they understand the effort it takes to plan, create, and share content that resonates with your audience. That’s why they are excited to announce a game-changing feature: scheduled posts.

    No more guessing when to post – you can now select the exact date and time for your Page’s content to go live, right from the platform. This long-awaited feature empowers you to streamline your content strategy and maintain a consistent flow of engaging posts.

    Plan Ahead and Stay Active 

    You have the flexibility to prepare and schedule posts up to three months in advance. This means you can dedicate time when you have it and keep your Page bustling with activity. Setting up scheduled posts is a breeze: write your content, then simply pick the date and time for it to be published, all within the LinkedIn interface.

    Take Charge of Your Content Calendar 

    Enhance your content creation strategy by overseeing all your scheduled posts. This ensures that your content calendar boasts a diverse range of posts, going live precisely when your audience is most involved. Discover how to start scheduling your posts now by clicking here. (This feature is currently accessible on desktop and will soon be available on mobile.)

    With these new tools, you can transform your content management, engage your audience consistently, and watch your business thrive.

    Connect and Engage with Your Community Through Live Audio Chats

    Building strong connections within your community is essential. Imagine having direct conversations and interactions with your audience. LinkedIn now offers a powerful tool called LinkedIn Audio Events. It lets you host live, audio-only discussions with professionals from around the globe. And guess what? You can do it right within LinkedIn, no extra tools are needed.

    These Audio Events are designed to be easygoing, allowing you to connect naturally and without pressure. Members can find and RSVP to events in advance. Once the event begins, participants can join the conversation from anywhere, no cameras are required.

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    Here’s How It Works:

    1. Join the event and raise your hand if you want to speak.
    1. You’ll be invited on stage to talk.
    1. Guide the conversation as you wish.
    1. Others can use emojis to react and engage.
    1. Attendees can explore LinkedIn without leaving the event.

    Why You Should Host LinkedIn Audio Events:

    1. Reach your audience in a friendly, professional way.
    1. Showcase your brand and expertise.
    1. Build valuable connections effortlessly.

    Real Examples of Audio Events in Action:

    1. Mastercard shared marketing insights with its leaders.
    1. Mercer gathered experts to discuss the future of work.
    1. Automation Anywhere talked about automation and answered questions. 

    Share Job Listings Automatically on Your LinkedIn Page

    When you’re looking to hire new talent, it’s crucial to connect with the right people and keep your hiring process active. LinkedIn is simplifying the process of spreading the word about your job openings to potential candidates. 

    With the new LinkedIn feature, you can choose to automatically share your latest job listings as posts on your Page. This means that the most suitable candidates have swift access to the best job positions in your company as soon as they’re posted. LinkedIn is a top platform for job seekers, and this tool helps you grab their attention with exciting job opportunities.

    After you turn on this feature, LinkedIn will automatically share one of your Page’s open job roles every day, scheduling the posts ahead of time. The text will already be filled in, but you can still edit the description before the post goes live. 

    Almost all job listings linked to your Page are eligible for this automatic sharing, except for Basic Jobs. 

    This automated posting will continue daily until you exhaust all your new job roles. To learn more about setting up automatic scheduling for your organization’s job posts on LinkedIn, check out the details here. (This feature is currently accessible for Pages with less than 1,000 employees.) 

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    Stay Engaged with Your Industry: Follow Pages and Boost Your Brand

    In the bustling world of LinkedIn conversations, it can be tough to spot the discussions that truly matter for your business. But now, you can make it simple. You have the power to follow other Pages using your LinkedIn Page – just like individuals do. 

    This means you can easily keep up with trending talks, jump into industry chats, and showcase your brand by creating a feed filled with content from the Pages you follow.

    Snap a Look: How to Follow New Pages with Your LinkedIn Page. LinkedIn is giving Pages the green light to follow fellow Pages. This is a big move to help brands connect, talk, and form strong professional communities online.

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