What is AIO? The New Model Revolutionizing Content

What is AIO? The New Model Revolutionizing Content

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    AI has advanced rapidly, and a new model called Artificial Intelligence Optimization (AIO) is transforming content creation and prediction. This blog will explore what AIO is, how it works, and why it’s a game-changer for AI. Whether you’re an AI enthusiast or just curious, this blog provides an introduction to AIO and its potential impact.

    In 1936, the person who made Turing Machines said that one day, a machine would be able to think like a human, or even better than a human. 

    It’s the year 2023, so we’re here.

    A study by Capterra found that 82% of marketers think AI will be the future of marketing. In fact, many of them already think AI can write better than a person.

    Well, ChatGPT now has more than 100 million people, and it only took two months for that to happen.

    AI is making big changes in how we work, think, and make things. 

    I joined Content at Scale as the VP of Marketing in January as a bold move to “adapt or die” in my content job. One month in, what I’m seeing, learning, and helping marketers and teams do is blowing my mind. Let’s discuss it.

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    With the AIO Model, content overhead costs and frustrations can be cut by 5x to 25x

    How to Fix ChatGPT Content Using AIO

    Sitting at your computer and coming up with 2,500 words for an SEO post from scratch is like living in the Stone Age.

    When you can write 2,500 words or more of original, well-written SEO content in less than five minutes, you’ll never want to go back. 

    On average, the prices of creating content go down by 5–25 times, which is crazy, and I save 5–10 times as much time. After we changed this plan, my full-time writer at Content Hacker went from taking 7 hours per post to taking 1 hour per post.

    Based on hundreds and hundreds of use cases from Content at Scale clients, I’ve built an AIO model that shows what you can do differently in your business and marketing when you replace human blank-slate writing with AI blank-slate writing:

    “AIO” stands for “Artificial Intelligence Optimization,” which is a term I made up to describe the new way that hundreds of marketers and teams are making content:

    • Artificial Intelligence as the basic writer (replacing the human writer and the blank slate)
    • The human writer as an optimizer of the AI’s basic content

    And—it’s working.

    With the time and money saved, switching to AI as the standard is a no-brainer.

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    The Human Process Involved In AIO

    AI is perfectly able to write a 2,500-word blog post from scratch based on a single term and a one-sentence prompt. We also think it’s more important than ever for the human improvement process to happen before publishing.

    AI-written content won’t stand out without your unique story (or client case studies or testimonials), the human touch of adding figures, double-checking facts, and cutting the fluff. It won’t make you stand out in a sea of content or get customers and loyal fans to sign up for your email list in droves. So, there needs to be a personal touch.

    My C.R.A.F.T. framework in AIO lists the steps writers should take to make AI material more human and personalized once it has been taken from AI and is ready to be published (from AI to O):

    1. Get rid of the filler

    2. Look over, change, and improve

    3. Add pictures, visuals, media

    4. Check the facts

    5. Build trust with your own story, tone, and ties

    Humans are needed for the optimization side, and for that human touch must be applied to the content AI generates. Content will never be completely automated by AI, but AI can take away hours and hours of tedious work from the content creation pipeline. This will save marketers a lot of time and money in the coming months and years when they fully adapt.

    Future Predictions for Content and artificial intelligence

    This year, Capterra surveyed almost 200 marketers using AI in their marketing. 82% of them said that the content written by AI was just as good if not better than human-generated content.

    Nina Schick, the founder of Tamang Ventures and creator of the Substack project “The Era of Generative AI,” is one of the first Generative AI experts in the world. She told Yahoo Finance Live that she thinks ChatGPT will completely change how digital content is made, and that by 2025, software built with ChatGPT will let us reach 90% of all online content that is now made by AI. She said: “ChatGPT has really captured the public imagination in an extremely compelling way, but I think in a few months’ time, ChatGPT is just going to be seen as another tool powered by this new form of AI, known as generative AI,” she said.

    Google Trends shows a HUGE jump in interest and traffic around the term “ChatGPT:”

    The number of searches shows that people are more interested in AI than they have ever been. The highest point before that was in January 2012:

    In the next ten years, 375 million jobs will become useless. In the next three years, it’s predicted that 120 million workers around the globe will need to be retrained and re-skilled for this new world.

    AI will create new, better-paying jobs, but it won’t make up for the number of jobs that will be lost. Without retraining, reskilling, and learning how to change, most people will have trouble finding new work. 


    In conclusion, Artificial Intelligence Optimization (AIO) is a powerful new model that is transforming the way we create content and make predictions in the world of AI. By leveraging advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques, AIO promises to unlock new levels of efficiency, accuracy, and insight that were previously unattainable. As we continue to explore the full potential of AIO and its applications, we can expect to see exciting new breakthroughs in a wide range of industries and fields. So if you’re looking to stay at the forefront of technological innovation, be sure to keep an eye on AIO and the incredible potential it holds for the future of AI.

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